Dr. Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac. welcome

Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac. teaches a variety of courses to TCM practitioners and students. Many of her seminars include supervised practice because she believes that practicing under the tutelage of a mentor or demonstrating your skills to the instructor is the best way to learn.

She has been described as "an engaging and knowledgeable instructor who can take complicated information and teach it in a way that is understandable and even fun!"
Her training as a Research Psychologist gives her a unique set of skills in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Lucas will be teaching in Antalya Turkey this year in September!

She will be teaching Mei Zen, pulse diagnosis and fertility, herbal therapy, and a day of QiGong.

Email DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com for the specifics.

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